Birgit, Classic South Africa Tour 2019

If you’re hoping for some short feedback then you’ll be disappointed! 😁. We are absolutely blown away! Especially the Safaris and the Parks we visited were fascinating and left us in awe. The scenery, weather, friendliness of all the staff and all the different and unique accommodations really impressed us.
I could still carry on writing for hours but I think you know what I mean. It’s hard to describe how much we are taken aback, and we have been highly recommending this type of holiday and visiting this country to everyone.
It’s the first time that we’ve been on holiday and our minds were completely and utterly distracted from our every day life, responsibilities and problems back at home even as I write this now.
So all in all fantastic, gigantic, mesmerizing and a vacation which surely is impossible to top!
We thank you for your effort, understanding and planning and be assured that you will come highly recommended.
Also, your road book was extremely helpful and used on a daily basis 💪.
With kind and enthusiastic regards from us both.

Zdravko, South Africa Selfdrive Tour 2019

The tour was wonderful. beautiful Landscapes, friendly people and exciting activities.

The accommodations were all great and all did their utmost best to make sure our stay is as comfortable as possible, especially Antbear Lodge in the Drakensberg and the Lion’s Guesthouse in Cape Town.

Buffelshoek Lodge in the Kruger National Park is highly recommendable. Our guide Louis gave us wonderful insights into the wildlife and nature and our cook Keneth put great efforts into preparing our meals.

With only 5 tents the property is nice and quiet and the fact that it isn’t fenced off from the wild makes it extra charming.

Thank you for organizing the tour and I wish you a wonderful week!

Markus & Sigrid, Botswana Guided Tour

The trip was really amazing! Thank you so much!

I’d like to once again mention how impressed I was with the Sango Safari Camp. That really did it! Absolutely everything was to perfection from the design and decoration to the whole staff. A wonderful spirit throughout the whole camp. Apart from that there is an abundance of wildlife and one is allowed to stray off the designated paths as well. In the parks you also experience plenty of game directly next to the vehicle thanks to the great guides. The photograph of the Lion “face to face” I sent you is proof!



Stefan, Selfdrive South Africa

The vacation was sensational! …. All I can say is you did everything right…


Conny, Explore the Garden Route

It was a wonderful tour which left many beautiful impressions and moments.

Special praise goes out to our tour guide Peter! 🙂 A bubbly, authentic personality with great ideas, highly competent and super engaging – WOW…and on top of that flexible when it came to our schedule. He drove us safely to all our destinations and also accompanied us fantastically.

The tour itself was just as fantastic and even though it was filled with activities and sightings it was still relaxing. Being in a small group added to the experience being so pleasant – there was always plenty of space on the bus and it was possible to accommodate all the guest’s wishes…. I really loved everything on our program.

The accommodations were all great! But a special mention goes out to Bridgewater B&B in Knysna. A beautiful house with lovely ambience and great hosting by the two owners. TOP class and luxurious with an amazing view was Surval Boutique Olive Estate….simply magnificent… here i definitely would have stayed longer in order to truly make use of everything there is to offer….

Our first guesthouse, Besigheim, was also really fantastic – the interaction with the owner who on arrival already started giving us tips and had plenty of information and stories about South Africa.

So all in all as I’ve mentioned before: WONDERFUL and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your efforts!

Alicia & Kathrin, South Africa Private Guided Tour

[…] The amazing memories and endless amounts of impressions and experiences this tour has left us with are still present so now i finally found a gap to write you the feedback as promised.

We lost count how often we have mentioned to ourselves and others, how happy we are that we have booked our tour through your company!

First off thank you again for going ahead with the tour even though only two of us ended up going. The solution ended up being perfect for us! The German speaking guide who accompanied us to the Kruger Park gave us a warm welcome to the country and we immediately felt at home and well looked after. Instead of being shoved on some huge impersonal tour bus, the close interaction we had on our private guided tour, allowed us to truly experience the country. Although we loved each and every accommodation and always wanted to stay a little longer, the tour schedule was perfectly planned. We didn’t feel rushed at all but still couldn’t believe how much we’ve seen and experienced at the end of each day.

It was equally nice to be left completely to our own devices in Cape Town. Thanks to African Eagle, we were shown all the major attractions of the city and having german speaking guides was very helpful especially for my mother. The rest of our time there we managed to get around just fine with the big red bus and Uber. We did the helicopter tour which I highly recommend and even booked a whale tour to gaansbaai all by ourselves….and we actually saw whales!!! What a dream come true as I’ve been wanting to see whales since I was a young child.

Accommodations also were consistently impressive. Tshukudu was a fantastic experience! We went on 3 game drives and managed to see 4 of the Big 5.
The B&B in Cape Town was fantastic in a completely different way again and so warm and homely!

The shuttles were always on time and always brought us safely to our destinations.

In this regard I really want to thank you for making a tour in such a big, overwhelming and completely strange country so uncomplicated, which really made us feel so relaxed and at ease. We were just able to enjoy the beauty, friendliness and diversity of this country.

I have already recommended you and am following your website so I immediately know about anything new you have to offer. This was my first trip to Africa but definitely not my last!